Tuesday, 5 December 2006

sit down have a cupper and then read

Hi all its been ages since my last blog a lot has happened in my little world.
1st as you are aware i have been with the Wales rally GB (world rally cars) for all of last week and it was hard but good i was in the service park and my main roll was to ensure the safety of spectators, this i managed to do as no rally cars hit any spectators in my areas. my other rolls included escorting VIP guests to the rally teams that they were visiting. 2Nd my roll was to make sure that there were no VIPs or other people blocking the views of the public so they could get some photos and be able to see the work being done. which i managed to do to the best of my ability. 3rd was controlling the marshals who did an excellent job and i could not have been as effective in my job without them, so if any of you read this I'm really thankful to the long hours you all put in thank you. (5-6 am starts till they get told they can go) its very hard, other things that happened in my area included a youth collapsed and i ended up giving him mouth to mouth which i hope wont give him nightmares I've never done that before and i always thought id panic and freeze but it didn't happen i just did what i had to do so i hope that he will go on to lead a full life.

my talks with god have been a bit abstract this week we have spoken but not as much as i would have liked.

some of the nice things about the rally was meeting people i haven't seen since last year and renewing friendships again (team york (hobbit and blakey aka Charlotte) )

well its Tuesday so its zacs tonight will be nice to see every one as my life moves back to normal. I have discovered something about my self that I'm finding disturbing that i have a fear of being trapped . what i mean is yesterday while in my sons car the door wouldn't open and i just started to panic i needed to get out then latter on i was stuck behind some people and again felt the same panic come over me.

well that's it for now ill post some photos of last week as well

may your god bless you and look after you

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Carl said...

Hi Dash, It was good to meet again, and have a good laugh, eventhough some didn't like our singing on the radios.
And you are still E.I.F.O.N

Best wishes for 2007.
Hobbit & Blakey