Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Zacs again last night topic Angels, first thought for most of us Blossom with b52 wings nose diving lions after lambs and goats food. Topic was very deep but fun and i learnt something new which was cool, M would pop out of his box every so often so say some thing deep or just to say that's a load of crap lol as per normal the place falls apart when he is told to go back in to his box. I wish the meetings were on DVD as this topic would make an excellent TV show, would have to be on after the watershed though firstly because we are all so beautiful and our use of the Queens English can on times leave a lot to be desired. S with his normal humor just keeping us on track as we start to go off on one of our tangent thoughts. I admit i found it hard going on time but that's due to pain and i was a bit low.

I'm not shure what was wrong last night but a few people were a little low hope every one perks up a bit today and i will pray for that to happen.

just read Liz's blog topics are brilliant, and always leave me smiling.

H do your essays lol you know you want to (never put off till tomorrow something you can do today) T seemed to have a good weekend which I'm pleased about but had a bad day on Monday ill continue to pray for her every day and all so for H who was down as well

hope you enjoy my bit
May your God bless you and look after you

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Liz said...

Blessings to you too.

Try not to fall off any more bikes.