Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The gospel of blossom

Tuesday night my visit to zacs , the topic was Sheppard's, continuing in the Christmas theme. i wish we could make a TV program on our studies it would make for better viewing than the likes of question time and probably get more viewers, the topic as normal was held together by Sean who did start laughing himself which just encouraged blossom and zippy in to a two man act which has to be seen . a preamble about cabbage eating lions as normal had everyone in stitches, but as normal nobody missed the main point of the study. Liz wrote a monologue about a Sheppard boy that really touched me, as by now you know that i struggle with Christmas but this year I'm really looking forward to it, as i think for once it it will not be about me but Jesus. as for my topic well if you you want to know more come to zacs and listen to the word of God from the people he uses.

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