Monday, 11 December 2006

A few pomes i have wrote

The Rain

The wind picked up across the mores one cold Autumn morn
the clouds grew big and black
as black as the ace of spades
they came in two, they came in four
they came in hundreds and some more
with then they brought the rain
rushing down from the sky
harder and harder the the rain came down that day
as sharp as a razor the rain came down that day
then a break in the clouds
the sun was back to stay
but with your wet clothes on
you'll never forget the rain.

A life guard
ho to be a life guard on a summers day
where the sun beats down into a haze,
and people laugh and people cry,
the heat is strong today
the water is warm, and life goes on,
a kid goes down
its no fun anymore
oh to be a life guard on a summers day.

A life like this

When we come we come in peace,
to live such a life as this,
with misery, shame and crime,
we must live a life as this,
we hide behind a mask,
so people cant see our face,
ho why must we live a life like this,
why cant the truth come out today,
then we no longer need,
to live a life such as this.

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